Reef and the Chewing Misadventures

Posted 11/11/13

Reef - 01

It was not the first time that Reef got sick, but it was a first to hear he needed an operation.

Like most Labs, Reef can get easily bored spending most of his time in the office with us. It isn’t healthy, we know and we’re guilty of it, but it’s not everyday we could get to walk him outside and play ball. So while we were busy on our desks, Reef on the other hand was preoccupied chewing things out of our watch. He would chew on towels, on wooden wall corners, chair legs and floor mats. Lucky for us, he did not develop the habit of chewing wires.

So came the day like any other day, as if all things were normal, Reef started to throw up. Once, twice until he had nothing left in him and all he could spit out was this liquid meant to be inside his tummy. Panic started to kick in.

Reef - 03
We spent the day visiting and consulting three clinics and a hospital. Done numerous X-Rays, blood testing, poop testing, and all other tests including ingesting liquids that glow in X-Rays. It was one of the most stressful days of our lives because no one can seem to do something immediately about it except to conclude that he needed an operation.
Sunset came and he was admitted in a hospital for observation and in preparation for surgery the next day. And when you see your dog being pinned with needles to be left in a room with other sick dogs, it’s just heartbreaking. The accusing look in his eyes when he was brought in this cage was just depressing.


Reef - 04
He was put to sleep for endoscopy on the day of the surgery. And out of wonder of wonders, the doctor did not find anything inside that caused the vomiting, more so, the need for an operation. Hoorah!

Now Reef is okay and happy, and he’s a lot bigger now than what you see in the pictures. You’re always welcome to drop-by our office, so he’ll have new buddies to play with. That way he won’t get bored, chew on stuff and not undergo an operation ever. YEY!

To a more responsible dog parenthood,