Mon + Trina | Simply Entrancing

Posted 10/18/13


The most magical of weddings isn’t the one that took a lot of preparations nor is it the one that had to cost a fortune. The most enchanting, awe-inspiring, and engaging is the simplest of unions with nothing but so much love to offer.

It was an eight year wait and the team was more than delighted to have been a part of this celebration. It was a Pinterest-inspired day, a storybook scenario that came to life.
It was the excitement in Trina’s eyes and her infectious smile that kept the mood happy and sustained despite that it rained and that some plans had to be changed.


It was that moment, the very first, when everyone saw tears in Mon’s eyes while Trina walked down the aisle that made it all the more heart-warming, as if the cold weather felt a little less than a breeze.


And the words that truly made a mark were expressed way before the vows had been made. It was on the day of the proposal when he asked her to marry him and said:

“Thank you for waiting.”

And she replied:

“Thank you for asking.”


Nothing can ever compare to how magical love can easily shift a day to be as remarkable. To transform rain to mist that made the ceremony more entrancing and to make a love that was eight years in the making to be as beautiful as this.

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To overflowing happiness and love,