Meet Reef

Posted 05/09/13

Meet our four-legged team member Reef!


Name: Reef
Gender: Male
Birth Date: March 17, 2013
Breed: Labrador Retriever

A little heavy and big for his age, Reef sometimes behaves like a small dog who jumps on your mattress to cuddle in the middle of your sleep. He is always the first to hit the bed and is also the first to choose which pillow he rests his head.

Unlike most Labs though, Reef takes a while to be comfortable around people. He is most often the first to shy away but will approach you as soon as he senses you’re there to make friends. He adores cheese, hates loud noises and likes to bite  on anything that’s soft and fluffy.


Being this curious and adventurous dog, Reef has gone to many places reaching as far as Ilocos Norte where he also made his first cameo eSession appearance (see the complete album where he appeared at Carlos + Rianne eSession).


Catch him with us and if you’re lucky enough, he might just pay a surprise visit on the day of your shoot.
Until then,

Chapter One Studios