June + Ysa | To Peaceful Shores

Posted 10/27/13

June+Ysa - 01

For some, the search for love could be comparable to throwing off the bowlines. It takes a lot of strength to leave the banks, immense willpower to brave the currents and great courage to trust the waves.

June+Ysa - 02

Having found love in hometown Bacolod, leaving for Australia to be together was one of the great risks that June and Ysa took. Maybe it was the second greatest to their vows of forever.

June+Ysa - 03

12.12.12. indeed was a great day to get married. As if a blessing from above, the sea was tranquil, the wind calm and the setting of the sun was just as timely to their exchange of promises. Along with the closest family and friends, it was a union commemorated with laughter, endowed with tears and rejoiced with overwhelming emotions.

What made this day more special than it already was is that they chose to come back to where it all started to celebrate the love they found there.

June+Ysa - 04

To many, throwing off the bowlines is not an easy decision. But to those that did it, they learned to believe that tides, no matter how fierce or strong, would eventually lead them to peaceful shores.

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Here is to June+Ysa for braving the waves together.

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