Io + Ea Proposal | Second Chances

Posted 11/22/13

Though all of us can take chances, not everyone is as lucky as those who get to try for the exact same thing the second time.

Io+Ea Proposal-05

Meet IO and EA. IO is C1’s onsite editor and EA is the love of his life. They met in 2010 but dated shortly. Both were oblivious that two years later, EA’s craving for Balut would lead them back to each other.


IO really liked EA. Every year after their first meeting, they would set a day to catch-up and they never failed to exchange hi’s and hello’s through text once in a while. For IO, the feelings never died. So when EA out of the blue craved for Balut he knew he just had to bring her a few and she did not expect he would take her seriously.

Io+Ea Proposal-04

As IO would put it, EA was so close from being the one that got away. He just felt that this time, even if it would mean bringing her the most unromantic thing in the world, was his only chance to weave their story together which two years ago did not allow.

Io+Ea Proposal-01

On the 20th of November IO finally proposed to EA and of course, the ever supportive C1 team was there to back him up. It isn’t common knowledge to those who know them that this wasn’t the first time IO attempted to do it. Though there were bumps along the way, we never saw him beaten or heard him quit. He would always smile and say there is just no Plan B.

Io+Ea Proposal-03

As the team was hiding behind chairs, plants and table cloths to capture everything in secret, it just melted our hearts to see EA in tears, smiling and crying at the same time. And as IO was placing the ring on her finger, he did not kneel but instead, he told her that he would live his life serving her with both knees instead of just one.

Io+Ea Proposal-02

Kudos to you IO for pulling off a proposal we never rehearsed in a venue you were never been to before. Maybe it’s now right to say that after everything, everything did really fell into place. We’re happy for you seeing how happy you are if happiness could even describe how you feel right now. And to EA, welcome to the C1 Family! We’re looking forward to having you in our adventures, the mini EAs and IOs and Santi of course!

Io+Ea Proposal-06

Congratulations guys!


To life-giving relationships and to second chances which are hard to come by,