2013 | The Year End Post

Posted 12/30/13

We are again about to end another great year. And it is in this moment that we look back to what the last 365 days were for us.

Year End-01

2013 has been a doorway for change and opportunities, a period of growth and acceptance and a time of being together and working things through. It’s a year’s worth of amazing stories to share that we are blessed to have experienced with all of you. To every co-supplier we have worked with in making beautiful love stories come to life, thank you and cheers for a job well done!

Year End-04

Looking back through sleepless nights, scarcity and plenty, differences and in agreement, we have remained committed to overcoming the impossible and giving our best, every moment we can to every C1 Couple we have. The beautiful, the indispensable and the ‘must learn’ lessons we gained from all of you are huge bonuses on top of all the wonderful testimonies of love you shared with us.

Year End-02

Thank you for manifesting the patience in waiting, the grace in heartbreaks, the sweetness of love, and the joy in life’s drizzles and pours. We can never thank you enough for trusting us to capture the beginning of your life together that you will certainly reminisce in the years ahead.

Year End-05

For your time and all the gifts, the delicious food, and for going the extra mile of making us comfortable in whatever way you can, thank you. You didn’t have to, yet we truly appreciate and treasure them all the same.

We know it’s way past congratulations and best wishes, but we really do wish all of you many loving and magnificent years of married life from this year to the coming ones ahead.

Year End-03

Thank you for making your story a C1 Story. And thank you for making us a part of your 2013!
Have a happy and prosperous 2014!
To the great year that was and another great year waiting to happen,