We like to keep it real and sincere

More than just capturing moments on your wedding, we see to it that it’s your personality that you’ll see in the photos. We always aim for what’s natural and true to you. There may be a lot of things that can make a picture speak, but for us, nothing beats genuine emotions that reveal themselves just because you chose to be you.

After all, no one likes to look back on memories where they barely recognize themselves. And though weddings may be inclined to being that fairytale you’ve fancied for the longest time, nothing will ever come as honest to that happy ever after than the truest of the love you share for each other.

We’re here to make sure you are also having fun

Nope, we are not wedding coordinators but we always like to help in making couples feel a little less stressed out especially on their big day. We will bring our spontaneity in the set, and we’ll make sure you’ll go along and eventually be at ease as the day progresses.

We understand that thorough and nerve-racking planning have consumed you for months, and you deserve to have fun on your day as much as your guests do. So smile, relax, everything will fall into place.




We’ll be delighted to have you more than a client

Just because your wedding day is over, it doesn’t mean everything has to end there as well. We greatly appreciate that couples are keeping in touch and on our end, we would like to extend the favor.

The time you spent with us is something that we put close to heart. And more than just being suppliers on your wedding, it is our joy when clients also become our friends.

Bright. Clean. Simple.

We prefer to keep things simple, bright and clean. As they say, less is more.

At best, we try to capture almost everything that’s happening. And we give you the freedom to do whatever it is that will make you feel comfortable.

We try to do less of dictating poses and more of riding the pulse of the moment. Either way, we’re always game for whatever floats your boat.

We will tell your story,
your real story.

We are not storytellers, but you are. And we put high value to who you are and what led you together to piece a beautiful photograph of a day that only happens once in your life.

Hi, we are Chapter One Studios. We are a team of young individuals with fresh ideas and with passion and commitment to offer. We take inspiration in your first chapter together as a couple and we place great importance to your story, being it the core of our work and a part of who we are.

We only tell tales, not fairytales. And we believe that the best of weddings are captured when they are real, raw and alive.

We’ll be glad to hear your history, and who knows, yours might be a C1 Story.